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Hello, my name is Kyle Everett and I own Infinity Creative. My wife Danielle and I own and spend countless hours working on customer's print job.

I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree specializing in Graphic Design and a Minor in digital photography along with over 10 years experience in the design and printing industry. Danielle has a bachelor degree in business accounting. Together we make a great team.

We have an oversized Roland printer & cutter that can print in house jobs such as labels, decals, vehicle graphics, floor graphics, wall graphics, banners, magnetic signs, and vinyl to apply to any type of outdoor or indoor sign. We also have a CNC Carving machine, other cutters, tables, saws, and all of the other equipment needed for the signage, printing & labeling jobs we offer.

In addition to the products that we physically manufacture, we also are a dealer for other products that are in the signage, printing and customization industry. An example of some of these are cast metal plaques, oversized carved signs, screen printing, sublimation, engraving, and other items that are printing related.

American Flags


How do I submit an art file?


If you need to submit an art file we typically ask for a vector file which would end in .eps, .ai, or .pdf typically. You can email them to us or if they are too large we recommend dropbox. Contact us if you have any trouble with any of this.

What is your returns policy?


On any custom products there is a no refund policy unless there is a defect or damaged part on your product. This is why it is important to check the files you submit, and if necessary, request a proof before we production of the item. Any defect or damaged product must be reported within 5 days of receiving it. We provide estimates in almost all cases and pricing should not be a suprise. Please do not place an order if your business cannot afford it. As much as we love to help other people and businesses, we have our own family and daughter to raise.



Can I come to your store?


Unfortunately at the moment we do not have a brick and mortar store. We plan on finding an office to rent in 2022 where we will have walk ins by appointment only. Part of our printing operation might move into that location, but we may keep it seprate and have not yet decided.

How do I track my order?


If you need to track your order, contact us and we can supply the tracking info. Unfortunately since the onset of COVID we cannot rely on any GOUND tracking. If you are ordering a time sensitive product then you may want to consider an upgraded shipping method. If you do not let us know, we cannot guarantee any turnaround times at this point.


How can I contact your couriers?


We typically use UPS, USPS or FedEx for our orders depending on where they are ordered from. Contact us and we can supply you with the correct information about your order if needed.


I don't see a product I need, do you have it?


We do a lot of custom work and sometimes do very unique jobs so don't hesitate to ask. We are a very busy small business and put little to no effort into our website at the moment. One of our longterm goals is to have an online store with some of our custom signage products like banners, labels, window graphics, magnets, flags, etc. Until then, give us a call or send over an email and we can get you back an estimate for what you need.

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